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    Bandstra Claims Guidelines 

    All damages or shortages must be noted on the delivery receipt at time of delivery otherwise a consignee signature will constitute clear receipt and claims will not be accepted. 

    Concealed damage claims and/or claims for damages not noted at time of delivery may be disallowed by our Claims Adjuster. 

    Contact within 48 hours of delivery to arrange for an inspection. Please do not discard any packaging. The inspector will complete an Inspection Report Form and a copy will be left for you. In cases where an inspection is not possible, detailed pictures will be accepted.  

    All shipments have a maximum liability of $2.00/lb unless a declared value is stated on the bill of lading. 

    Please complete the form above and submit along with the following backup documentation: 

    • Invoice from suppliers verifying cost of claimed product  
    • Copy of repair costs and/or invoice  
    • Evidence of payment of the freight charges 


    A claim or an intent to claim must be received within 60 days of delivery, or in the event of a shortage, within 9 months of the date of the shipment.  A final statement of claim with a paid freight bill must be received within 9 months of the date of shipment in all cases.

    All salvage must be retained until such time as Bandstra has settled the claim. Failure to have salvage available for pickup may result in claim payment being withheld or reduced. 

    Please be sure products are checked and noted as damaged. Notations such as “subject to inspection”, “hole in box”, box creased” are not acceptable as notification.   

    Bandstra attempts to settle all claims within 30 days of filing. 

    Used or personal items will ship at owner’s risk of damage. 

    Example’s of products not insured by Bandstra:

    • Tool Boxes
    • Countertops
    • Uncrated engines

    For these products, if required, we recommend you secure your own insurance through a third party insurance company

    It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all freight is properly packaged and marked with clear and accurate shipping addresses. Improperly packaged shipment or unmarked shipments may result in a claim denial. 

    Bandstra Transportation Systems is not responsible for the reimbursement of any freight charges for a replacement shipment moving with another Carrier or a shipment that was picked up at any Bandstra dock to deliver on behalf of the customer by any means of travel whether land, sea or air.  

    *Please note that GST/HST is not applicable on claims as per Transport Canada* 

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