Bandstra Biographies: Colin Portice

Bandstra Biographies: Colin Portice

March 6, 2023

Meet Colin, a Class 1 driver for Bandstra

He services a shipping route up to Stewart, BC, at the end of Highway 37.


Because of Stewart's remote nature, it tends to be more quiet than other communities that drivers service.

It's a small ocean community and it pretty much shuts down by 7:00 at night. It is a very remote place that a lot of people, even a lot of the other drivers, refuse to come up here in the wintertime because of the things you have to go through with the road closures and avalanches.

Colin Portice, Class 1 driver


But for Colin, getting to trek this route means he gets to see family from the nearby Tahltan nation. 

I was born up here, I'm Tahltan Origin. I see a lot of family, a lot of blood relation and stuff while I'm up here doing deliveries. But once I started this job, I actually go up there quite often towards Dease Lake and Iskut and stuff like that. And I always run into family, you know, and that's the coolest part.

Colin Portice, Class 1 driver


His favourite part of the job? Getting to be social and talk to locals.

In Stewart they're just they're good people. They're always there to lift you up. I have been coming up here most of my life. It's different from most other small towns, but people here are straight up, no messing around. They're just straight up people that tell you how it is. And I think that's what I like about it so much.

Colin Portice, Class 1 driver

Watch Colin's story to see what it looks like out on the road in Northwestern BC!

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