Bandstra Cares: Northern Lights Wildlife Society

Bandstra Cares: Northern Lights Wildlife Society

June 16, 2023

We don’t just transport for people

Bandstra is proud to partner with the Northern Lights Wildlife Society to transport the injured or orphaned wildlife they rehabilitate.


Founded in 1990, the Northern Lights Wildlife Society has become a beacon of hope for injured and orphaned wildlife, offering a safe haven where vulnerable animals find refuge, recover, and thrive.

Through their tireless work and unwavering commitment to rehabilitating wildlife , they have transformed tales of struggles into stories of resilience and triumph.

One of our biggest partners is Bandstra. They have been instrumental in helping us transport various needs for our society. They have been a trusted and responsible friend to Northern Lights Wildlife for many years.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society


The Northern Lights Wildlife Society has 260 acres, and hosts a provincial park in its backyard. This arrangement supports their slow release program for deer and moose to re-enter the wilderness.

To support the Northern Lights Wildlife Society, Bandstra transports food, supplies, and even animals wherever they need to go.

I think the first one was a deer that came out of Vanderhoof or Prince George. It was really sweet because a big truck pulls up, you know, and usually things come in a kennel or so. And the driver goes, "It was so cold back there." So I put it up here and he had a blanket and it was sleeping on the passenger seat.

Northern Lights Wildlife Society

Check out our video to see the property & meet the team at the Northern Lights Wildlife Society.

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