On The Road Again: Bandstra Smithers Terminal Tour

July 7, 2023

Get a closer look at our home base in Smithers!

Bandstra started in 1955 as Smithers Transport, and maintains key operations in Northwestern BC communities today.


Almost 70 years ago, Bandstra Transportation was founded by three brothers in Smithers, as Smithers Transport. Initially, they serviced the Smithers Prince George route. Now having grown exponentially, the Smithers terminal reaches all the way to the Yukon border.

We've got approximately 40 trucks, a lot of highway power. Also unique to the Smithers operation is our Tri Drive Heavy Haul and Projects fleet doing low bed deck work, big focuses on the mining industry, but really we service all of the heavy resource industries in the area and really all the businesses. So these communities rely on us every day.

Kelly Cameron, Smithers Terminal Manager

Because drivers more often than not working alone, Bandstra takes proactive care to make sure they are always in contact with the home base. Using an advanced satellite tracking and communication system, the terminal has visibility on everybody. As well, drivers can reach out anytime, anywhere, should something critical happen. 

To me, Bandstra definitely feels like what I would call a people first company. We really care about our people and it comes through every day and our relations with them.

Kelly Cameron, Smithers Terminal Manager

Check out our terminal tour to see what a day in the life looks like.

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