Bandstra Biographies: Brandon Muir

Bandstra Biographies: Brandon Muir

May 3, 2023

Meet Brandon, a third-generation Class 1 driver

He runs a 2019 Western Star Tri Drive up un-paved, forest service and mining roads in Northern BC. 


Brandon is the next in a line of truckers in the Muir family, following his father and grandfather.

He says it's what he's always wanted to do, ever since he was a child.

I started about 15 years ago on Saturday afternoons, washing trucks. ... My Grandpa was a trucker and a low bedder and a mechanic. And my dad started here around 20 years ago. And I just kind of followed him around and just kind of fell in love with it.

Brandon Muir, Class 1 driver


For Brandon, one of his favourite parts of the job is that he gets to go out of town and get away into the mountains for work.

I love that we were up in the mountains. We're nowhere near civilization. We have wolves and cougars and moose and bears. You're basically on top of the world all day, every day. You see a lot of wildlife and a lot of a lot of glaciers and rivers and valleys.

Brandon Muir, Class 1 driver


See Brandon's story about getting into this line of family work, and having work that takes you anywhere you want. 

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