Bandstra Biographies: Tanya Forster

Bandstra Biographies: Tanya Forster

February 24, 2022

Tanya's journey as a Class 1 Professional Driver

Meet Tanya, a Class 1 truck driver who found new confidence, courage, and pride in her work driving for Bandstra.


Tanya drives a single axle truck and trailer, which she says are' a lot easier to get around in town in tight spots.' She hauls all of Bandstra's major clients, including both fragile and heavy shipments up to 7,500 pounds.

It's a challenge. Every day is a challenge, but I like a challenge. When you're driving the forklift, five, six, seven, eight forklifts running around and you have to pay attention, you got to be on your feet and load in your truck properly from weight to, it's all a Tetris puzzle.

Tanya Forster, Class 1 Driver

Tanya says building relationships with all the clients is one of my favorite parts of the job, as well as mentoring other drivers to become familiar with protocols and paperwork.

I was very nervous when I started here because it's a guy's industry, is what was in my mind when I started. So I wasn't sure how well you're going to be accepted. Since I've been here, 100% support from all the guys. So it's not just relationships you build with your clients. I've built relationships with everybody that works here. 

Tanya Forster, Class 1 Driver

Watch this video to see Tanya's whole story and how she loves driving for Bandstra.

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